Welcome to Red Hound targets. We had a great time designing our products, and want you to have a great experience shooting them. We’re done selling stuff, but if you need to contact us for any reason, you can still hit up the 'Contact Us' form.

I’m closing up shop, and just sold the last of it. Thanks, everyone, for the support over the years!

Check out our Ranger Resetting Rack! This rack is modular, portable, and no longer in stock, but it’s just so darn cool that you should still look at it. Click the image to check it out.

Our Targets

We make our targets from steel, made in the USA. We use a CNC laser cutter to minimize the heat affected zone so the the thinnest area possible is affected. Our designs are robust enough to hold up to a lot of use - no skimping on material around the mounting holes. We keep safety at the forefront during our design process. That means we angle the target (and other) surfaces away from the shooter, and keep protrusions from the front of the target to a minimum - bolt heads and angled targets wherever possible. These features ensure rounds keep heading in a safe direction.