The Ranger Hook Hanging System

Red Hound Targets has introduced our Hanger Bracket system for mounting steel targets.  They’re a fantastic mounting option designed with safety as a priority, while providing for ease of use and speed of setup so you get the most out of your range time.  Here’s how these brackets take the best features of a few mounting methods to create an ideal all around package!

First off: safety factor.  The Red Hound Hanger Bracket system allows the target to naturally hang at an angle that helps guide projectiles down, and away from the shooter, while also helping with target longevity.  Our design also incorporates a carriage bolt so that the head of the bolt, rather than a large hook, is the only thing forward of the target.  It is important to minimize surfaces forward of the target for the same reason that targets with significant pitting should be avoided, ie: it creates a ‘wall’ that can redirect spall in a dangerous direction.

Red Hound Ranger Hanger System

 The hanger bracket system is also quick and easy to setup.  Attach the bracket to your target with a single carriage bolt; slip one of Red Hound’s Post Hooks on top of a vertical 2x4, or slide a Beam Hook onto a horizontal 2x4, then hang the target on the hook.  Install a bracket at home on each target you’re taking to the range to make your setup time at the range take mere seconds.  Set your course of fire for the day in minutes, and easily switch out or move around different targets in seconds by slipping one target with bracket off a hook, and plopping the next one on in its place.  No need for tools.


Our hook and bracket system makes use of 2x4s as the support structure.  Your typical pine 2x4 is both cheap, and considerably lighter than steel.  In addition to our hooks, we also sell stands that utilize 2x4s and are also quick and easy to setup without use of any tools.  Avoid lugging around an all steel stand by using a lighter, cost effective 2x4 stand?

One last little benefit I’ll tout here is that if you already have targets you hang on hooks, whether those targets are Red Hound’s or another brand, you can still get the safety benefits, and the wear and tear reduction provided by this system.  Red Hound’s mounting bracket and hook can be used with any target that has a 1/2” mounting hole along it’s centerline.

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