Introducing The Ranger Resetting Rack

This is a resetting rack like you’ve never seen.  Whether you want a portable resetting plate rack to take to your local range for individual training, a quick set-up friendly competition on your home range, or the ability to bring just a portion of the rack to your range session, this has it all.
What is a plate rack?
In its simplest form, a steel target plate rack is a series of steel plates mounted to a cross beam, either statically or so they can be knocked backwards.  The plates make a sound when hit and are reusable for many thousands of impacts.
A resetting plate rack adds the ability for the plates to remain in their knocked back position, and are reset by a lever that is manually pulled. 
Up the ante even more with downward hanging plates which get knocked upwards and latched back when hit.  An additional resetting target is added that releases all the other plates when it is hit. 
The Ranger Resetting Rack is the last type on steroids.
  Red Hound Targets Ranger Resetting Rack

Check out a video of the rack in action here.  And here for a dueling configuration.

 Here's why is the Ranger Resetting Rack is Awesome

  • Modular – The magic of the Ranger Resetting Rack is that it is modular. Each target attaches at its own support which slides on to a typical wooden 2x4 piece of lumber.  Each target module connects to the next by a resetting bar, which also connects to the resetting target module.
  • Scalable – With most plate racks you get five or six targets, take it or leave it. But with the Ranger Resetting Rack, you can use one, twenty, or anywhere in between.  If your training for the day only calls for 4 targets instead of 6, that’s all you need to bring.  Or maybe you only want to purchases a set of 3 targets now – no worries – you can expand it later.  You can even get an extra reset plate with your rack and split it up to have two separate smaller racks whenever you want.
  • Portable – There’s a lot less steel involved than with other racks, so it’s lighter. Including the wood and 2x4 ‘A’ frame mounting kit, a six target (plus resetting target) Ranger Resetting Rack is still about 50 lbs lighter than the next closest resetting rack.  The steel parts are also readily stored in a box rather than all assembled on a steel beam so it takes up less room when not in use.  
  • Competitive – The modularity means the reset target can be placed anywhere in the target sequence. You’re not limited to having it on the end. Instead, try placing it in the center with 3 targets on either side and compete with a friend for who can reach the reset first.
Red Hound Ranger Reset Rack Center Reset
    • Replaceability – Did your ‘buddy’ just hit the cross beam with a .50 BMG at 10 yards? Depending on the plate rack, its either out of commission until you can get a new steel cross beam and re-weld and -bolt everything back on to it; or its time for a whole new rack. With the Ranger Resetting Rack just slide everything onto a new 3 dollar 2x4.  Even if a target module gets busted, the rest of the rack is still useable, and only the one module needs replacing.  That’s a good deal better (and cheaper) than an entire rack!
    • Toolless – No tools needed. The support modules slide onto the 2x4 beam.  The reset bars slide through each module and connect to one another.  And the targets hook into the supports.  Nice and easy.
    • Quick – Setup from the basics to fire-ready for a 6 target (plus reset) rack in under 3 minutes.
    • Safe - all shooter-facing metal surfaces are angled down for safe spall deflection.
    • Ship-able - Since it breaks down and is lighter than other racks, it can ship via USPS at our usual $10 flat rate. No need to pay for freight and take off work for the delivery.
    • Fun – Last but certainly not least is that a resetting plate rack is just fun! Shooting is fun.  Steel targets are more fun.  Steel targets that move and lock out of sight are even better.  And all that without the need to manually reset it… awesome!


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