2x4 Post Hook Hanger Kit

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Pop the Post Hook on top of a vertical 2x4, mount your choice of steel target to the Hanger Bracket, and place the bracket on the hook.  Fire away!

This kit allows your targets to be mounted on a hook, while angling them downwards which is key for safety, and target longevity.  This also means that instead of a hook protruding from the front of your target, all you have is a rounded bolt head which is a safer way to mount to avoid ricochets.

Kit comes with:

  • 1 x Hanger Bracket
  • 1 x Post Hook
  • 1 x Thumb Screw
  • 1 x 1/2"-13 Grade 8 Carriage Bolt
  • 1 x 1/2"-13 Grade 8 Nylon Lock Nut

The hook portion of the Post Hook, and the Hanger Bracket are cut from AR500 so you know their sturdy. Does not include stand or target.