Red Hound FAQ

Q: What kinds of Ammunition can I use on Red Hound targets?

A: You should be using lead and/or copper ammunition. Never use steel core, steel jacket, bi-metal, armor piercing, or tracer.  These can increase the danger of ricochets and even spark fire.  Basically, if it's not lead or copper, don't use it.

Q: How close can I be to the Target?

In ALL CASES: No matter what target thickness you're using, the projectile velocity should be LESS THAN 2,800 feet per second at the target (even less for small rounds like .223/5.56), and have LESS THAN 3,000 ft-lbs of energy at the target.

    Velocity is the biggest target killer.  Rounds such as the common 5.56 M193 can hit over 3,400 fps at the muzzle depending on barrel length.  This is why distance is your friend; it gives the round more time to slow down.  If the velocity limit isn't followed it can lead to reduced target life.
    When in doubt, back up.

     Another note: Some projectiles, particularly those with lower velocity or lower mass like .17 or .22 rim fire cartridges, may ricochet rather than disintegrate upon impact. It is important that the target be mounted with a downward angle in these cases to deflect any ricochets towards the ground.

     Q: How are your targets cut?

    A: We use a CNC laser cutter.  It minimizes the heat affected zone (HAZ) so the metal is minimally affected.

    Q: Can I be closer than the distances you recommend?

    A: If you want to shoot at distances less than what we stated , we can't stop you. Our targets would cost a lot more if each one came with a range officer.  However we do not condone doing so.  It increases the danger of a ricochet, and might reduce the life of the target.

    Q: Ummm… Rusty Targets?

    A: Since we don’t use paint which saves us, and therefore you, money, your targets may have some surface rust when you receive them, or may develop it over time after they get to you.  A little rust won't hurt the targets, and adds a bit of character.  That said, we do recommend you give them a quick coat of spray paint after each range trip

    Q: Should I Worry About My Targets Bending?

    A: The hardness of AR500 targets will allow them to withstand plenty of bullet impacts, but those impacts will eventually cause the steel to bend.  To counteract this, it is a good idea to flip the target around from time to time to even out the bending.

    Q: How do I mount Red Hound targets?

    A: Our static targets come with square mounting holes that work great with 1/2" square neck carriage bolts.  Click (here) to see how we recommend you mount them.

    Q: Any Military or First Responder Discount?

    A: We do. E-mail us proof of service and we'll send you a code and add you to the approved list.

    Q: Why can't I find a phone number? Are you some sketchy fly-by-night?

    A: No wings here. We've just found that we can cover most of what we need to via e-mail. Once in a while a phone call is needed in which case we'll call you.

    Q: How Long Before I Receive My Targets?

    A: We'll typically ship orders within 2 business days.  After that it depends which shipping method you chose.

    Q: Magazines/Accessories?

          A: That’s not really a question but on that subject - it is your responsibility to ensure any magazines or accessories follow you local/state laws. That includes any arbitrary capacity restrictions that may apply.

    Q: Do You Ship Internationally?

    A: Sorry, we only ship to the first 50 US states at this time.

    Q: What's your return policy?

    A: Warm and fuzzy.  As long as it's unused, you have 30 days from when it's delivered to let us know you don't want it anymore and return it for a refund of the purchase price of the item.  If your stuff arrived to you damaged, or you're not happy with it for some other reason, let us know and we'll work out a way to make it right.