Mounting Your Target

So you've got your hands on a target from Red Hound?  You lucky dog, you!  The next step is mounting it, and wouldn't you know, we have some recommendations for that.  Other methods may be used, but this is how we do it.

You'll need:

  • 2 lengths of fire hose or chain
  • (2x) 1/2"-13, Carriage Bolts (2.5"  is ideal)
  • (2x) 1/2"-13, Flat Washers
  • (2x) 1/2"-13, Hex Nuts
  • (2x) 1/2" Toothed Lock Washers
  • (2x) 1/2" Nylon Lock Nuts

We recommend using Grade 8 hardware when possible since it can handle higher forces.

Assemble it like this:

  1. Insert a carriage bolt through one of the square holes in the target.
  2. Place a toothed lock washer on the bolt, followed by a standard hex nut, and thread it all the way on.  Tighten it snugly against the back of the target to keep the bolt head tight against the front target face.
  3. Place a pre-made hole in the fire hose, or a link of the chain over the protruding bolt, followed by a flat washer.
  4. Finish up by threading on the lock nut (nylon insert end last).

Red Hound Steel Target Fire Hose Mounting View

There are a ton of ways to hang the other end.  Our Fire Hose Mounting Kit includes lag bolts for mounting to a wood frame.

Hanging the target will allow it to swing when hit which will help dissipate a portion of the round's energy. Using carriage bolts with fire hose behind the target will make the target naturally hang so that it's bottom is angled away from the shooter.  This helps deflect spall (fragments of the round) into the ground. Bolts with domed heads (like carriage bolts) are preferred for the least uncertainty in bullet impact.  You should be shooting at the side of the plate that shows the heads of the carriage bolts.

You may also use a single hook to hang a target.  Shepard's hooks from your local hardware store work well.  There are also specially made target mounting systems that work this way.  This method works best with targets that have a hole in line above their center of mass to attach your target directly to the hook.  This method does allow targets to swing, but typically does not keep the target angled down towards the ground. 

Always remember that distance is one of the best ways to prevent ricochets coming back to hit something they shouldn't.

You're ready to go!  Be sure to follow the minimum distance requirements and start shooting!