2x4 Beam Stand Starter Kit - Fire Hose

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Get yourself up and running in no time with everything you need to start shooting steel.  This kit comes with a target, a 12” Fire Hose Mounting Kit, and the stand to set up a 2x4 horizontal mounting beam.  Where a chain might break after one direct hit, fire hose is able to stand up to many without failing.

Comes with:

  • 1 x 2x4 Beam Stand
  • 1 x 12 Inch Fire Hose Mounting Kit
  • 1 x 3/8" AR500 Target of Your Choice (2 hole)

The fire hose is the same that comes with the Fire Hose Mounting Kit so it will generally come un-separated, and you’ll put the holes in yourself wherever you want on the hose.  The best way to make those holes is with a 1/2", drill mounted fabric hole punch.  Most people don’t have one of those, though so a sharp utility knife will do the trick.

You'll supply the 2x4.