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6 Inch Gong

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  • 3/8 inch thick, AR500 steel - the happy medium that's good for most calibers
  • 2 square mounting holes - perfect for 1/2 inch carriage bolts
  • Mounting holes located outside the "target zone" - hit what you're aiming at and your mounting hardware won't be in the way
  • Target form designed without sharp corners - removes stress points for long life
  • Cut with CNC laser cutters - keeps the target's edges strong by minimizing the heat affected zone (HAZ)

We only make products that we would (and do) use ourselves.  Our AR500 steel is made and cut right here in the USA. With proper use, these targets will last a lifetime.  We provide you with targets at a price that means you can still afford ammunition, without cutting any corners.  We don't use 'ears' with thin (breakable) walls for mounting holes.  We use CNC lasers to cut our targets which introduces much less heat to the metal than plasma. 

Our 3/8" targets will handle:

  • Any non-magnum handgun caliber at 12 yards or more
  • Shotgun pellet at 25 yards or more
  • Shotgun slug, and magnum handgun at 60 yards or more
  • Center fire rifles at 100 yards or more
  • Center fire magnum rifles at 250 yards or more

All projectiles should have a velocity less than 2800 fps at the target, and energy of less than 3,000 ft-lbs.

As always, 10% of our net profits go to charities that support our men and women in uniform.  Please check out our Charity page to see the current recipient.

Check out our recommended mounting method: here.