Red Hound Steel Targets Ranger Plate Rack

The Ranger Plate Rack

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The Ranger Plate Rack gives you the rapid fire functionality of a speed rack in a portable 2x4 framed package.  It utilizes the Ranger Hanging system which is safer than similar racks while still being quick and easy to set up.  Check out why its awesome here.

  • Be banging away at a plate rack in minutes
  • Use any target with a 1/2" mounting hole along its center line
  • Targets stay angled to minimize target wear, and direct rounds in a safe direction
  • Comes with your choice of 6 inch, or 8 inch diameter 3/8" AR500 steel targets


Get yourself set up with a plate rack without lugging around an all-steel stand, or needing to reset the rack after each set.  Slide the hook mounts onto a 2x4 and set it into the stand, then fire away.


Mount any target with a 1/2" hole along its center line.  Whether you get it from us, or already have it on hand, any target, of just about any size or shape will work with this system.


Whether its a Shephard's hook, or the hanger portion of an AR500 hook mount, protrusions from the front of your target increase the likely-hood of ricochets.  The Ranger Plate Rack makes use of Red Hound Target's exclusive hook hangers to allow for quick mounting of your target while you're at the range, while still using carriage bolts which minimize ricochet risk by avoiding large, angular protrusions on the front of the target.  This system allows targets to naturally hang so they are angled downwards and away from the shooter.  This orientation is the single best way to both limit wear on the target, and stay safe.

Quick and Easy

Slide a 2x4 through the mounting hook and mount to your favorite 2x4 stand.  Use the provided bolts to attach the hangers to your targets (save time at the range by doing this at home).  Hang the targets on the hooks, and fire away.  Just supply the 2x4s.

The Ranger Plate Rack comes with:

  • 3/8" AR500 steel targets in the diameter and quantity of your choosing
  • Enough Hook Hangers to match your targets
  • All the hardware (Bolts and Nuts) you need to attach the targets to the Hangers

 The 'A' Frame mount is NOT part of the rack.  Be sure to grab a 2x4 'A' Frame stand here.

We only make products that we would (and do) use ourselves.  Our AR500 steel is made and cut right here in the USA. With proper use, these targets will last a lifetime.  We provide you with targets at a price that means you can still afford ammunition, without cutting any corners.  We don't use 'ears' with thin (breakable) walls for mounting holes.  We use CNC lasers to cut our targets which introduces much less heat to the metal than plasma. 

All projectiles should have a velocity less than 2800 fps at the target (less for small projectiles like .223/5.56), and energy of less than 3,000 ft-lbs.

As always, 10% of our net profits go to charities that support our men and women in uniform.  Please check out our Charity page to see the current recipient.