Velociraptor Static Target - 3/8” AR500

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Are you an aspiring dangerous game hunter? Perhaps you’re a newly out-of-work paleontologist. Either way this ones for you.

This Velociraptor is about 17” tall by 23” wide. That puts it at around 1/2 the size of a real one, and 1/5 the size of ones you may have seen on a screen.

It has a target surface of 131” which is the equivalent of a 13” round gong.

  • Velociraptor Silhouette (about 17" by 23")
  • 3/8 inch thick, AR500 steel - great for most purposes
  • 2 square mounting holes - perfect for 1/2 inch carriage bolts
  • Cut with CNC laser cutters - keeps the target's edges strong by minimizing the heat affected zone (HAZ)

Need a way to mount it? Grab a mounting kit here.

These 3/8" targets will last a life time with proper use.  See info on choosing a target.

We only make products that we would (and do) use ourselves.  Our AR500 steel is made and cut right here in the USA. With proper use, these targets will last a lifetime.  We provide you with targets at a price that means you can still afford ammunition, without cutting any corners.  We don't use 'ears' with thin (breakable) walls for mounting holes.  We use CNC lasers to cut our targets which introduces much less heat to the metal than plasma. 

All projectiles should have a velocity less than 2800 fps at the target (less for small projectiles like .223/5.56), and energy of less than 3,000 ft-lbs.

As always, 10% of our net profits go to charities that support our men and women in uniform.  Please check out our Charity page to see the current recipient.

Note that this is the target on its own, not the mounting hardware.  Check out our recommended mounting method: here.

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Zulema g

It was a bday gift for my husband and he absolutely loved it. He did mess around with it and played with it like a little kid before setting it up and shooting it though. 10/10 recommend